Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My sweet baby

As I was going through pictures, I realized that although the last 2 years are almost done/caught up, Brendan's first year album has a lot of gaps. I'm going to have to devote some time to getting that one caught up. It probably won't be as organized as Austin's, since I kept up with his as I went, but I can definitely stand to put more pages in it!

Here's a layout I started the other night and finally glued down today. It's a mish-mash of product--part of my use up my stash goal. The solid papers are CTMH (except texture blue it's DCWV), the patterned paper I think came from Michael's or Joanns, and the accents are TLC. This was a little outside my comfort zone because I have a hard time with that much white. Part of me really wanted to go crazy and distress it. I decided that that would take the tranquility away from the page though, so I didn't. Don't all those sleepy pictures make you want to take a nap?!

Here's a card I made a few nights ago--actually the same night I started the layout. It uses CTMH's Sarsaparilla papers and Delightful alphabet. I don't have any "cowboy" stamps, so I had to improvise. I love the way it turned out.
Sorry I haven't posted much the last few days. I woke up Monday morning with a horrendous headache and sore throat. It got worse and by last night I sucked it up and went over to Urgent Care. I was worried it might be strep since I didn't really have any cold symptoms--I just couldn't swallow and had pain that radiated all the way up into my ear. They told me that is looked like it was caused by allergies and might be the beginning of a sinus infection and said if it wasn't better by Saturday, they'd give me antibiotics. Guess what? I woke up this morning feeling 100 times better. My throat still hurts a little, but I have my energy back and I feel better. Too bad I wasted the $20 on a co-pay. Could have bought more stamps--LOL
Anyway, now I'm just kicking it into gear trying to get ready for my open house on Friday. I have a lot of artwork finished, but want to get a few more things made. Went shopping today and bought a few decorations--still need to find cute western plates and napkins, so I guess I'll be hitting the party store tomorrow (already been to the $1 store, Target and Walmart). I did get a great deal on some fabric ($1/yard). I'm going to use that for tablecloths and accents.
We still haven't heard a final verdict on the move yet, but I mailed in my application to the district I used to work for in Idaho--fingers crossed. Hopefully, Mike will find out for sure before I go for an interview. I wasn't sure I was ready to go back to work, but getting everything ready to send in, I got really excited. I am really looking forward to going back to teaching. I was reminded of all the things I loved about it when I taught in Idaho before. Should be fun! Mike is excited too. He was talking about all the things we'll be able to afford to do with two incomes. I didn't realize he thought we'd been missing so much. I guess I've just been so spoiled being home I didn't notice :)
Well I'd better sign off and get something accomplished. I may be back later. I have some cute video I took of the boys today, but I have no idea how to get it from my phone to my blog.


Kelly L said...

Sweet baby is such a perfect title for your pages. Those pictures are just darling, and I think you were right in holding off on the distressing. It looks very clean, soft and soothing.

Hoping for the best for you all and your teaching career (again) :) Kel

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Jenn said...

Glad you are feeling better!!! :D
I love the layout...super sweet!!! I too don't have any cowboy stamps, but your improvisation was great...I love your card!!! :D


Marjorie said...

Whew I'm glad you are feeling better! Super sweet layout and fun card ^_~ I hope all goes well!

AmethystCat said...

love, love, love the layout. absolutely darling! Glad you're feeling better and good luck packing and moving!