Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Well the update is, nothing has changed--LOL! Ok, Mike had his conference call, but it was actually an interview, so hopefully we will know absolutely for certain sometime next week. At this point Mike is 85-90% sure we are moving to Idaho in June. I'm trying hard not to be excited until we have a date he's to start there. However, I am moving ahead with applying for a job and we'll take the rest as it comes.


Littlekel90 said...

Ooh, that is good news. Lets hope they don't keep you in suspense for long on whether or not it is DEFINITE. Sounds pretty good for now, but I am like you I hate to get my hopes up and be LET DOWN. So hang in there, happy thoughts, and I am sure everything will work out. You are smart to plan ahead with looking for a job for yourself as well though. Let us know for sure when you know :D Kel

Til said...

OH! You'll love Idaho if it all works out! It is a wonderful place to live! :0)

a CTMH sista!